BlackBox house

Hide away from the world.
Forget about pressing deadlines.

Leave the jobs at home.

Pay attention to each other.
Get out of the every day life for a few days.

Stretch out in the sauna.
Breathe in the salty humidity.

Sitting in the jacuzzi,
be absorbed in the panoramic view of Noszvaj.

Luxury on the slopes

Luxury canopy on top of a tree

We've stopped time for you at the BlackBox private wellness guesthouses!

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panoramic jacuzzi terrace

panoramic jacuzzi terrace

salt-brick Finnish sauna

salt-brick Finnish sauna

premium breakfast

premium breakfast



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The magic of the BlackBox houses is that you don't have to share anything with anyone but your travelling companion.
Except the bird's songs.

BlackBox 1.

Relax in the private spa and let nature come close to you!

BlackBox 2.

Hide from the world, enjoy the comfort of a Jacuzzi terrace and elegant design!

Our guests said

About us
Gábor J. ZS.

We spent a fantastic 3 days in the lower guest house of Blackbox House. The house contains quality and modern equipment, the bed is comfortable, I would like to highlight the shower next to the sauna.

The owner was easy going and attentive to every little detail, there was no lack of anything. Here you could really just relax and enjoy the house and the nature. There is peace and quiet.

The underfloor heating made the house even more pleasant.

The breakfast was varied and abundant for two, the pastries were hot and the cold cuts were fresh and varied

Krisztina G.

"First of all, we would like to thank you for the flexibility you provided us this weekend! We are very grateful for it, because it was really time for us to get away from home.

We were extremely lucky to be able to go to this wonderful place to relax and unwind - even if it was just for one night.

We couldn't get enough of the life around the chestnut tree! The silence that surrounded us and the charm of Noszvaj amazed us. Despite the gloomy weather, both the services provided by the house and the surroundings made our stay very pleasant.

I would also like to mention that we had a very generous breakfast, and the Túró Rudis were a real treat."

Renata L.

"We would like to thank you for the unforgettable two days we spent in your guesthouse. Congratulations for this house with all its luxurious amenities in a beautiful setting. It is the island of tranquillity. The panoramic jacuzzi, the super sauna was an experience beyond all expectations. The delicious breakfast only added to a wonderful couple of days. I would prescribe it as a must for everyone. They would return any time."

Kitti and Zoli

"In this fast-paced world, if you want to travel to a place where you can hide away from the world and listen to the birds, choose the Blackbox Cottages in Noszvaj! It was a divine recharge for us, where we could experience what it is like to get away from the difficulties of everyday life, while enjoying a delicious breakfast in the middle of nature! Thank you for this wonderful weekend and we will remember with love every minute we spent there on the Island of Tranquillity!!!!! "

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The BlackBoxes are tucked away in a secluded plot of land in Noszvaj

Where to find us?

OIt's like you've stepped off a map…

… but we're just over 2 hours from Budapest and a few minutes from Eger! And you can drive all the way on reconstructed roads.


Check the address!